10.08.15Lots of things, lack of updates

I can't believe that the last time I updated this section was in January!! So sorry.

Here's a bunch of things that are or have been happening:

Back in August, I directed a children's production of The Orphan Train. It starred Ivy Marie Idzakovich as Frank/Danny/Annie, Forest Holmes-Dodge as Raymond, Alexa Owgang as Mary/Little Lucy, Moriah M. Tobin as Evie/Pegeen, and Marcel Isaiah Martinez as Lucky/Harvey.

Directed by me, assistant directed by Sean Marko and Chris Weigandt, costume design by Chris Weigandt.

We only had one week of rehearsals and three performances, but these kids knocked it out of the park!! I'm so proud of them, and extremely happy to have gotten to work with them.

This month, and I both directing and acting in the Sour Grapes Productions 2015 Halloween show, Countess Dracula!, and while I am exhausted, I am SO PUMPED FOR THIS. We'd also love to turn this into a yearly event, so how cool would it be if you got to say that you saw the first one?? :-D

The cast includes Nick Denning as Jonathan Harker, David Michael Kirby as Dr. Seward, Bryan Songy as Robert Bartolomew, myself as Elisabeth B. Van Helsing, Benton Sheely as Diana Bartolomew, Ivy Marie Idzakovich as Wandessa Darvulu, and Marcel Isaiah Martinez as Andrew Seward.

If some of those names look familiar, that's because I was able to cast two of the teens from the August show in this production ;-) This cast is really phenominal. If you want tickets to this show, click on the words "Launch Related Site" at the bottom of this update.


Sour Grapes Productions is doing a New Year's Eve show called A Fifth Dimension: An Unauthorized Twilight Zone Parody. It's written by me (yay!!), and while we do have a cast list, I'd much rather tell you guys in November, because I'm so afraid that people are going to drop out. But I'll definitely give you all ticketing info for that once it's up and running!


Another play that I wrote got accepted into the FRIGID Festival for this coming February, so be on the lookout for any updates regarding that :-D

I'm so excited for everything that's been going on, and I hope that you all get to see these wonderful performances!

01.14.15Happy New Year (and Birthday to me!)

First of all, Happy New Year, everyone! I know that it's been a while since I've updated this site, but I've been working hard to scrape up money for the next few shows that I'll be putting on this year. My theater co. will be submitting to a few festivals this month, so keep your eyes peeled for any news!

Secondly, tomorrow is my birthday - hooray! Not only that, but this month marks my 3-year anniversary with SAG-AFTRA (according to traditional anniversary gifts, I should get myself something leathery). There's a whole lot going on this month, and I'm constantly exhausted.

ALSO, I am in another magazine! This one is called CosWise - it's a new cosplay magazine, and I'm in the first issue! Be sure to get yourselves a copy ;-)

All for now, Yoscovites. XOXO


Not to brag or anything, but my show is amazing.

If you missed the first weekend, then you should see it on June 6th - 8th! The show is so great, and I am so proud of my cast <3 They are such hardworking, lovely, talented people. I feel so comfortable around them, and I really feel like I've known all of them for years! (Yes, I've ACTUALLY known one of them for years, but that's beside the point)

There have been some hiccups along the way. We had to fire a cast member due to unprofessional behavior, and this happened about a week before the first performance. Thankfully, his replacement can learn lines fast, and is one of the nicest people in the world.

But let's forget about the ugly and talk person by person about how much each of these people mean to me, okay?

Brandon Culp, the New Kid:
He stepped in last minute, saving our show. He took on the lines and characters for 7 different roles, he provided costume pieces, and he laughs at my jokes (whether or not they're actually funny). We had a very long talk recently on a long subway ride, and he's just an overall awesome person. Also, his girlfriend is SO gorgeous (I have such a girl crush on her).

Noelia Antweiler, the Girl Power:
This girl has gone through some drama through the rehearsal process, but she never let that get in the way of her work for this show. She is so strong, she's STUNNING, and can we discuss how talented she is? I almost didn't cast her because I thought that she would get a better offer during the rehearsal process and have to drop out. She brings such unique character choices to her roles, is a pro at interpreting my weird direction, and we're very lucky to have her on board.

Jeremy Madia, the Angel:
Here's the thing - I wasn't going to cast him either. Not because I thought he was bad by any means, it's just that I wanted a brunette in the role. But right after he left his audition, my mom turned to me and said, "So, your plan to cast a brunette is fucked, right?" And she was absolutely right. I only called back 2 males, and Jeremy clicked so well with the script. And my GOD, is he strong. The things he's dealt with throughout the run of this show would have left a lesser person an absolute wreck, but he NEVER brought any drama to the rehearsals or performances.

My cast is so spectacular, and I feel so honored to have them in my show. I love those assholes.

05.01.14Starving Artist

As most of you have gathered by now, my mother and I started a production company a few years back, but it was only recently possible for us to put on a show. We took all of our savings and shoved it into a play called The Orphan Train, which will be performing at the end of May and early June. It is an Off-Off Broadway show under the Actors' Equity Association, and we're having the time of our lives with it.

While we are exceedingly happy with our cast, costumes, location, etc., we have several problems. First of all, we only budgeted for $3000, and we have already gone way over that due to unforeseen circumstances. Secondly, that $3000 was LITERALLY all of our savings. We are 100% broke now. Third, not only do we desperately want to take this show on a mini-tour throughout a southern state in which I grew up, but we also have plans for a Halloween show - neither option is possible right now, due to lack of funds.

Here's a small sample of what we've had to pay for so far:
$1300 - Performance space
$500 - Rights to the production
$130 - Audition space
$300 - Insurance, which we legally had to purchase due to Actors' Equity Association rules
$600 - Not only do we legally have to pay for the union actors' travel, but we have to give them food breaks
$160 - Stage manager/lighting designer pay
$200 - Current amount spent on costumes (unfinished)
$100 - Current amount spent on props (unfinished)
$100 - Programs for the performances
$220 - Advertisements (unfinished)

If you don't want to whip out a calculator, that amount had added up to $3610, and we still haven't finished purchasing the costumes, props, and any more advertising that we plan on doing.

We are definitely selling tickets to this production, but because this is a showcase for the actors, we are also giving out LOTS of complimentary tickets to industry professionals (i.e. casting directors, agents, managers), so I'd honestly be surprised if we made up even half of our investment with ticket sales.

ANY donation amount would seriously help lift the burden of crippling debt off of my shoulders.

Every time you donate, a starving artist gets her wings.


04.28.14Orphan Train Tickets

Update, ladies and gents!

Do you want to buy tickets to my upcoming show? Well, then look no farther! Follow this link:

Aaaand, if you just want to keep up with my prod-co in general, the feel free to visit www.sourgrapesproductions.com

I'll be posting tiny little updates here and there about the production as the rehearsal process goes on, buuuuut I just figured I'd get this out there ;-)

04.24.14The Orphan Train!!


I'm producing, directing, and acting in a play called The Orphan Train, and it's gonna be awesome. The show is a comedy set in 1912, and comprised of 8 scenes, each loosely based on actual orphans from the trains in that time period.

The orphan trains ran from New York all throughout the Mid West, starting from 1853 and ending in 1929, relocating about 250,000 orphaned, abandoned, or homeless children. This whole system is what was known as the basis of the foster care system.

I'm acting alongside Noelia Antweiler, Andrew Gelles, and Jeremy Madia. We're each playing 6 roles, showcasing a wide variety of talents. We already have some publicity photos up on the Sour Grapes Productions fan page on Facebook, so you should definitely check those out!

We're performing 2 weekends: May 23rd-25th, and June 6th-8th. Once we have a way to purchase tickets online, I'll definitely post an update on here. Also, be sure to check out the Sour Grapes Productions page for any fun show updates as the rehearsal process goes on.

03.19.14Elegant Magazine


Just found out that a photo shoot that I did with Diane J. Myung wound up in the March issue of Elegant Magazine! You can buy it here: http://www.elegantmag.com/#!1/c156b

(It's the issue with the redheaded model, with the word LOST in big letters across it.)

This was such good news! Especially since I had gum surgery today :-/ Not. Very. Fun.

And I know that I shouldn't be freaking out every time that I make it into a magazine. Like, I should get used to it eventually. But I probably won't, because magazines are great :-D Especially print magazines! CAN I GET AN HELLS YEAH.

03.16.14Sour Grapes Productions

Little update: my production company now has a fan page!

Yes indeed, ladies and gents, Sour Grapes Productions can be found on Facebook :-) So far, we only have 45 likes, but we haven't even done a show yet.


I will (hopefully) be booking a venue for the exact dates of my show. It will be two weekends, and probably around late May and early June. Auditions will happen near the beginning of April. Start kissing my ass now ;-)

Also, I found out that a shoot that I did with Diane J. Myung is going to be published in a magazine!! Once I find out more details on that, I'll get back to you guys.

To summarize: Theater, yay! Photos, more yay!

03.05.14Tumblr and Instagram

I have succumbed to peer pressure, and I now have both an Instagram and a Tumblr. I'm gennyyosco on both of those things, so go find me. I'll follow you back, I promise - it just might take me a while, because I'm still getting used to how to Internet.

I'd also like to say sorry for any weird links popping up on my Twitter (@gyosco) and Pinterest (also gyosco). Someone hacked into those recently, as well as my Facebook. Good ol' Zuckerburg caught it immediately and locked my account before the hacker could post anything...and then accused me of having a fake/celebrity imposter account, and made me go through a whole verification process.

I hate the internet. But this is where I keep my friends, so I have to keep on truckin'.

02.10.14Sex in the 60's

Well, first off, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! I'll be spending all day at Chic Studios, and then having dinner with my mom, because I'm terribly lonely.

My Maroon Sun runway show was awesome! Sure, we had a few hiccups along the way, and I passed out from not being fed, but the show itself was great! Stay tuned for even more awesomeness from them :-)

My next show is going to be on February 13th. Here's a link, if you want to go (I KNOW YOU WANT IT) :

Now, on to what I really wanted to talk about. I did a 1960's photo shoot yesterday with my girl Sarah, with Blue Moon Pics taking the photos and Sami Cardonick as our MUA. I just got the images last night, and let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed! They came out spectacularly, and I'm so happy with everyone involved. The shoots I organize seem to get better and better - maybe someone should pay me to do this, haha.

The whole shoot was Sarah's idea, and she did a wonderful job. It was so hard for me to pick what photos I wanted to be retouched, she had so many good ones! Out of the 400+ shots that were taken of the two of us, I would up picking 32 to get retouched. There's only really 7 looks, but I felt like the magazines should have a huge range of options to choose from when I submit, so I picked about 4 or 5 from each look.

I'll be submitting the photos to several magazines, so you might not see them for a while. Hopefully they get picked up by something, so keep sending your happy thoughts my way!!

02.01.14Photos, Facebook, and Fashion Week - OH MY.

I really hope that you all had a fantastic New Year, and have a wonderful Valentine's Day. If anyone is wondering what I did for my birthday on January 15th, I was working on The Good Wife all day. Seriously, that's it. 22 started off with more of a fizzle than a bang.

Okay, so first thing's first - I finally created an Instagram account. I'm @gennyyosco, because apparently @gyosco was already taken. WHO STOLE MY GO-TO SCREEN NAME? I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN.

Not really. I don't have the patients.

I've done a bunch of photo shoots recently that have come out spectacularly. The first is the 3014 Fashion Shoot by The Naked Roots Collection. When I walked into Eunika Simmons' apartment that day and saw that her entire living room had been wallpapered with aluminum foil, I knew that it was going to be a good day. The shoot wound up being 10 hours long (5 hours longer than it was supposed to be), but it was worth it! I'll be posting photos of that whole thing shortly.

I also did a cosplay shoot! I've only gotten a few of the images so far (hopefully MUCH more to come), but I wound up wearing 5 different costumes, one of which was Cat Woman. They're currently being edited by an awesome graphic designer who is going to make it look like I'm in all different settings and stuff. So here's hoping that I can show those photos to you sooner than later.

I was a model for an outerwear shoot, photographed by Diane J Myung, with makeup by Shayla Martinez and hair by Renee Strong of Faces by ReDience. I just got all of the photos today, so they'll be up shortly!

Today, I was just a part of bridal shoot. The gowns were my own (don't ask), and I was hired by Lips and Lashes by Lauren. Lauren is an accomplished makeup artist from Canada, who is going to be in New York for a while studying at the Makeup Forever Academy. If you want to check out her work, feel free to visit www.lipsnlashes.ca, and I'll post the photos as soon as I get them (which should be by the end of next week!).

On February 8th, I'm going to be involved with an AWESOME 1960's-themed fashion shoot with my lovely and fantasmic buddy Sarah Hogan. I'm going to pressure her into getting a Facebook fan page, so you all can go like that eventually. And I know that almost 3,000 different IP addresses have seen this website, so SOMEBODY'S gotta be checking this news section and clicking the links involved, right?

Little side note: I know that the movie That Awkward Moment is getting some bad reviews, but I did background work for that movie over a year ago, and I apparently got some screen time in it. If you want to see my face moving like I'm saying something, go see that movie and report back to me!

Finally, I'm going to be walking for a few shows for Fashion Week this spring. The first one is for Human Element Square (and several other designers, but I have yet to get the names of all of them. I'll let you know!), and it's on Saturday February 8th, starting at 8pm. LINK LINK LINK:

I'll also be involved with The Fashion Week Benefit F/W 2014: A benefit for Love146.org to end child trafficking. So far, I'm only walking for one designer - Autumn Lin Kietponglert - that day, but it's still going to rock! Liiiink:

If any of you want to ask how things are going with any of this, just shoot me a message in the contact section, OR go to www.ask.fm/gyosco if you want it to stay anonymous. Just don't be creepy about it, 'kay? 'Kay.

12.19.13Shawnee came to visit again!

Heeeey, everybody!

My lovely bestie Shawnee Moran came to visit New York last week, and as per usual, I made her do a photo shoot with me.

(I had a bunch of other stuff planned, too, like working with Chic Studios, and taking her to see two shows.)

The day of the shoot was taxing, but the pictures turned out to be phenomenal. Our makeup artist, Olivia Cui, is absolutely brilliant. If you're working in the NY/NJ areas, hire her for EVERYTHING, you won't be sorry.

BUT. The night before the shoot, our photographer bailed. Even though I had explicitly told him during the hiring process that the shoot would be in the snow, he had to cancel because he didn't want to shoot in the snow. I was polite, trust me, but I won't be asking to work with him again.

Luckily for me, I'm friends with Tim Martin of Developed Photography, and he saw my cry for help on Facebook. Of course, I'm sure he hates me now, because Shawnee and I got lost for literally an hour in Central Park trying to find the location. The location that I picked out. I'm not good with directions.

Still, we each got some spectacular shots out of it. I'm really happy with the outcome! You can find Developed Photography on Facebook, and I've provided a link to their website at the bottom of this post.

For any WV-ers out there, be on the lookout for Shawnee's article in The Daily Athenaum about her trip. I'll post a link here to the online version once it's out.

10.14.13I haven't updated in a while. Sorry.

Aaaah, sorry! I've been busy. Where to start?

Okay, so I was a part of this fall's Willaimsburg Fashion Weekend. It was sooo much fun! I walked for IQTest and SDN, and a video of the event is posted in the Pictures/Video section of my site. Go go go! (Also, the event was covered by Elle Magazine, amongst other awesome publications. Score!)

As of right now, my Facebook fan page has 635 likes. I'm going to try and up it to 850 by the end of the year, so if anybody's out there reading this, tell your friends about me. I'm pretty, it shouldn't be too hard.

On a personal note, I have a boyfriend now. He's a model, and I'm going to try and rope him into doing some shoots with me. If you know him personally, feel free to peer pressure him into this.

I've submitted a one act play to the Frigid Festival! I find out on Halloween if the show made it in or not. Either way, I'm going to be putting it on - it's just that it would get a LOT more of an audience and publicity if it made it into this festival. For those of you out of the NY scene, this fest is kind of a big deal. Keep your fingers crossed for me? :-)

Welp, I think that's about it right now on what I've been up to. I've been doing a whole lotta background work (Yay paycheck! Boo boring!), and I'll be trying to update this a lot more once I'm doing something more interesting.

I'd like to end this post with a little warning: I am not stupid. There have been a lot of creeps in the last month trying to scam me in one way or another, all from finding this site. Some pretend to be agents, but fail to answer basic questions, like where they are located, or what their company is called (and get angry when questioned. I was called a prostitute, how adorable!). I've had some people try to get me into doing free shoots, but fail to mention what the shoot is FOR, not matter how many times I bring up the topic. And I've even had people try to steal money from me. So...really guys? Calm down. I'm not an idiot, and you should just try elsewhere. Kthnx.

08.16.13Runway Passport, and other assorted things

Quick little update for my lovelies!

I'm doing a runway show this Sunday at 6:30pm. It's at Secret Project Robot, located at 389 Melrose Street in Brooklyn. Doors open at 2pm, along with a DJ, and you can party until the show starts. The actual runway part is only about a half hour long, and Bright Future is playing afterwards! BE THERE, YO.

Also, my next week is going to be loooong. I'm working background on Carrie Diaries on Monday (along with one of my favorite blonde boys, so this will be a good day). I'm also going to be a featured "lipstick lesbian" Tuesday on Girls (can't we just call them lesbians? I'm not a lipstick straight; I feel like there's a disconnect here.) with a possible match shoot on Wednesday. Aaaaand I'm doing yet another Chic Studios shoot on Friday for one of their open house events. If you're in the mood to go see it, it's at 139 Fulton Street from 2pm - 5pm.

Finally, I'm probably not going to be able to go to this event due to Girls, but I figured I should spread the word. Once of my high school buddies is working with a whole bunch of people to create a webseries, and they're launching it in September. They're going to be raising funds at an Indiegogo Launch Party this coming Tuesday from 7pm - 9pm, and it should be LOADS of fun!! It's at Pianos, 158 Ludlow Street, New York, NY 10002, in the upstairs lounge. I'll be there in spirit, kiddos, I promise.

08.06.13Snow White, Runway Shows, and a Goodbye

Hey, all! I never got to update you with all the fancy things that have gone down recently in Genny Town (also known as Yoscovia), so allow me to back track here.

Last month, my beautimous friend from high school came to visit me. Her name is Shawnee Moran, and someday she is going to be a well-established writer for the New York Times. She comes up here once a year over the summer for a play-date, and I always try to pack it with cool stuff. I may have overdone myself this year, though, and I have no idea how I'm going to top it when she comes back.

The first day, a Wednesday, was pretty simple. Brunch at the B. Smith restaurant (which is SUPERB, by the way!), dinner at the Tonic in Times Square, and then off to see Avenue Q. Thursday night we saw Rock of Ages, and on Friday, we spent the day on the beach (I'm still a little sunburned).

Thursday DAY was the kicker.

See, I decided to arrange a little photoshoot. Originally, it was just going to be Shawnee and I, portraying two Disney Princesses - I would be Snow White, and she would obviously be Belle. Then, I thought, "Hey, why not get some guys to pose with?" After that, it was, "You know, maybe we should have another princess with us, like Ariel or something. And she'll need a prince, too..."

Well. It was the HOTTEST day this summer has seen so far. Plus, two of the male models backed out, and only one of them had the courtesy to even tell me about it. Also, I may or may not have passed out.

I'm a daffodil, okay? If I don't get enough water, I'll wilt.

But these pictures - STUNNING! I can't show any of you yet, because they're being submitted for consideration in an upcoming issue of Gladys Magazine. But I'm so proud of how it all turned out!

Something that I actually CAN talk about, though, are two upcoming runway shows that I'll be doing with IQTEST. Both are on Sundays - August 18th and August 25th. Be sure to keep track of my Genny Yosco fan page on Facebook for any and all updates on times and locations for those shows.

Finally, a wonderfully talented friend of mine was here for the summer. I met her back in high school, when we were both a part of the student board for the WV State Thespian Festival. She was attending the Stella Adler summer program, and she's going back to WV on Friday. She's absolutely brilliant, and I wish her all the luck in the world with her upcoming school year. And I can't WAIT until she comes back for good!

Alright, kiddos, thanks for reading. Go read a book or something.

07.09.13Marvel, Champagne, Equity, and Sextortion

Hey, gang!

Lots of things. LOTS OF THINGS. First of all, I had a photo shoot today with photographer Niko Paleologus - who is beyond awesome, by the way. The shoot was Marvel-themed with a 1930's twist. I had the honor of being Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, and yes, it was all kinds of fun. We had a hard time trying to get my hair to turn white, though :-( Still, I saw a few images, and it looks brilliant! Oh, and his girlfriend is the nicest person on the planet. I'll talk more about all of the people I met on that set in August, once I get copies of the images.

Also, my Tendil & Lombardi ad is up! Check out my Pictures/Video section, then select Modeling Portfolio. It's the second image on there :-) PUMPED.

I officially joined the Actor's Equity Association (yay!), and I have my first AEA audition this Friday (DOUBLE YAY!), so stay tuned for any info regarding all of that. I need new monologues, though.

Finally, I saw a play yesterday that was pretty brilliant. It was called Sextortion, and it was based on a true story. The final performance is this coming Sunday (July 14th!) at 2pm, and you should really go see it. Tickets are $18, and it's being shown at The Wild Project, located at 195 E. 3rd Street, 10009. The cast is really superb - and not JUST the cast member I know. ALL of them are fantastic, really, and I don't like most people. Bonus: the theater seats? SO COMFY I COULD DIE.

06.11.136xii Shoot, and other various things

HEY, everybody!

So. I had a photo shoot for 6xii by Shadeeka Campbell last Sunday. Spending all day on the beach in pretty clothes while someone takes pictures of me? Yes, please.

I got a sneak peek of some of the images as the shoot went on, and I can tell you right now that it all looks great! The shoot is being submitted to a few magazines, so here's hoping! :-)

This Thursday, I'll be channeling my inner Kevin Bacon as I teach a group of high school seniors how to dance. Well, kind of. I'm partially in charge of teaching these kids a flash mob dance for their prom! I have a rehearsal for it tonight, by the way, so I should keep this short. I have to practice before I go!

Finally - and get ready for this, guys - I'm going to be joining the Actor's Equity Association! Thanks to my wonderful gramma, I already have my $400 down payment, and SAG-AFTRA has already sent AEA my letter of recommendation. Now all I have to do is wait for AEA to send me my submission forms, and we'll be good to go ;-)


06.02.13Chic Studios and 6xii

Well. Yesterday was a BUSY day.

10:00am - 3:00pm was yet another wonderful shoot for Chic Studios NYC. It's always so nice to have someone else to my makeup, haha :-P But I was still recovering from a nasty sunburn I got from doing background work on Royal Pains, so my skin was a bit more dry than usual. Still, the makeup artists did wonderful jobs, and Carmen Ortiz - our usual photographer - gave me a sneak peek of each shoot after it was done. Needless to say, it went swimmingly.

Immediately afterwards, I had to run to go to a fashion show for 6xii, designed by the wonderful and talented Shadeeka Campbell. I also got to walk for another line, Classic Royalty Designs by Anita K. Rivers. All of the clothes were wonderful, and I can't wait until I get to show you all the pictures! YAY!

After the show, I wound up being a part of an interview with Shadeeka for an up and coming blogger. We got to talking, and she said that she would like to interview me about my production company! And another photographer on the scene invited me to be a part of a talent showcase, for either modeling or stand up, so I'm pumped!


05.16.13Just a Little Update

Hey, gang!

Not a very long post - just thought I'd give you a little update about what's going down in Genny Town.

First of all, I broke the 350 mark on my Facebook fan page! YAY!! Now, I do have some plots as to how to get more fans (mua-ha-ha), but for the moment, I'll just have to stick with begging my FB friends to like me. After all, I'm pretty likeable ;-P

Secondly, I just finished my shoot this week for the Tendil & Lombardi ad that I'm a part of! Long day of work, a lot of changing outfits outside in the cold, and I got a few splinters in my rear end from a particularly nasty tree stump, BUT I got a little preview of the images throughout the day, and let me tell you, it's going to be amazing!

Finally, I know that I'm too old to still be using Neopets, but a short story that I wrote is going to be featured in the Neopian Times. Doesn't mean anything real, but it proves that strangers like my work. And that's good, right?

04.05.13Gladys Magazine - Pretty With Pink

Hey, all!

Just a quick note to let you all know that the digital issue of this month's Gladys Magazine is now available through their website! Only $5.30, and you get to see me in Sherri Hill and Tony Bowls dresses :-) The hard copy hits Barnes and Noble stands on April 17th, so keep an eye out!

This issue also features Monte Durham from "Say Ye to the Dress: ATL", which is SUPER exciting! Gladys Magazine keeps getting better and better!

Also, I just wanted to let you know that I'm now OFFICIALLY going to model for Tendil & Lombardi! Gladys Magazine just announced it in their current issue. I'm so happy to get to work with them, AND to be a part of an international ad campaign! Look out world - here comes Genny :-)

03.23.13Bryant Park at City Tech Fashion Show

Heyyy, all!

I know it's been a month since you've heard from me, but I've been a little busy. Sorry!! Just wanted to update you all on a fashion show that I was in Friday, March 22nd for CUNY.

The designers themselves have been putting SO much effort into this program, and it paid off brilliantly. The show's focus was to prove to the school that there should be 4-year fashion program, instead of only having their current 2-year option. Now, I will be posting photos as soon as I can get my hands on them, but when you see the amazing pieces that these men and women came up with, you will be petitioning the school yourself for them to add a 4-year program.

Now, every show has its hiccups. This one had a few along the way, yes, but I still can't get over how stunning the clothes were. I only walked for 7 designers, but I paid attention to every line, and everything was amazing. I mean, the show started two hours late, BUT only because the stage crew bailed on us, so blame them.

I'd love to work with all of these designers again - even those I didn't get to walk for. And all of the models involved were so sweet to hang out with. Thanks, everyone, for giving me something to do on a Friday :-P

P.S. Did you guys know that I can make these posts private? WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO DO THAT?

02.23.13Gladys Magazine Shoot

On Wednesday, February 20th, I had my first - and hopefully, not even CLOSE to last - shoot for Gladys Magazine.

The official Gladys Magazine Facebook page posted a sneak peek of my shoot, and I can tell you right now, these images are going to knock your socks off! I can't wait until the magazine comes out so you all can see for yourselves. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to give out any details, but surprises are fun! :-)

Special thanks to Leah Casto for the amazing photography skills, Makeup by XTINE for making me look flawless, and Christine Weigandt for my hair styling (and for being a good mom).

Also, a BIG thanks to Sherri Hill and Tony Bowls for loaning the gowns for the shoot! I owe you guys big time.

Thanks to Andrea Patrick Forte, without whom Gladys Magazine would not exist.

And finally, thanks to all of my friends and family who helped me get this wonderful opportunity. I literally could not have gotten this shoot without you guys! Thank you for your love and endless support.

02.19.13Images from my IQTEST show!

Just wanted you all to know that I very recently added a couple of images from the IQTEST show I was in last Friday! Hopefully, some video from the show will be coming soon.

I would like to take a moment to point out how wonderful the designer for IQTEST is. Her name is Melissa Lockewood, and she is one of the happiest, original, most-fun people I've met in this industry. All of her garments are one of a kind. She uses old fabrics scraps that are about to be thrown out, and turns them into masterpieces.

Below is the link to her website. There, you can see her collections, read about her, and even go to her Etsy shop (which I highly recommend). GO GO GO.

02.08.13New York Fashion Week 2013


Thursday, February 8th, I walked in my first ever fashion show for New York Fashion Week. AND I got to do so for one of my favorite designers, Eunika Simmons, creator of The Naked Roots Collection. There was a second designer there that I got to walk for as well - Tima Aw.

Now, there were SOME problems along the way, I'm not gonna lie. But every show has it's hiccups - especially during this time of year, with this kind of weather.

Hopefully soon, I'll have some pictures to show you. Also, I heard that the show may or may not be played on VH1, so I'll keep you updated ;-)

My next show is February 10th. Wish me luck!

02.04.13Chic Studios

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to work with Chic Studios NYC. They're a makeup artistry school, and at the end of every 4-week class, the students get a chance to work with models in order to build up their portfolio.

My makeup artists were Jilia Grassia and Carly Camac, and my hair stylist was Danielle Klatsky. They were all SUPER great to work with, and so talented! Models, if you need any styling for a photo shoot, I highly recommend asking any of these three ladies.

Photos were taken by Carmen Ortiz (www.carmenortiz.net). From the previews that I saw on her Instagram - @ortiz4 - I can definitely say that these shots are going into my portfolio!

I'm (hopefully!) going to be working with their future classes! Click "launch related site" below to go to Chic Studios' official FB page.


Hey, darling Yoscovites!

Since my last blog post, SO many things have happened!!

As some of you know, I won the Gladys Magazine Dream Star competition! I, along with four other girls, will be featured in the Spring Wedding & Couture issue of Gladys! I already have my info for my shoot and, while I can't let any details slip, it's sure to knock your socks off! Thank you all SO much for supporting me with this, and helping me win.

Next, tonight I will be having my first "model training" session for my Bryant Park at City Tech fashion show! Every Wednesday and Saturday, I will be with the other models, and getting trained Miss J-style by Lead Models Angela Hunter and Nnena Jobe. I'm so excited to be working with them!

Also, on Thursday February 7th, I will be walking for NEW YORK FASHION WEEK! I'll be representing The Naked Roots Collection, and I couldn't be more proud. I love all of designer Eunkia's work, and it feels so right to have my first Fashion Week show be with her :-)

Finally, I am going to be working the runway AGAIN on February 15th for Williamsburgh Fashion Weekend. Although I'm not fully aware of what the show will entail, I'm certain it will be oozing with fun and professionalism.

...Wow, with all of this modeling stuff, I haven't been really working on my acting. I need to start back up!

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01.22.13Gladys Magazine Dream Star Finalist!

Hey, guys!

I am in a modeling competition!!

I've been selected by Gladys Magazine as one of their Dream Star Finalists - and YOU could help me win!

All you have to do is vote for my picture on Facebook, and then like Gladys Magazine's page for your vote to count!

To get to my picture, click "launch related site" underneath of this post.

Thank you SO much, and I truly appreciate all of your help!

01.14.13The Naked Roots Collection

Last Saturday, I had the honor of working for The Naked Roots Collection, designed by the WONDERFUL Eunika Simmons. The shoot was for the launch of their official website, so be sure to check back here if you want to see the whole collection!

Everyone on set was an absolute dream. Have you ever noticed how, on every set, there's just that one person who has no intention of being either nice or professional? Well, that was DEFINITELY not the case there! All of the models, photographers, the hair and makeup designers, Ms. Simmons, and our location's host - these people were so awesomely perfect to work with that I didn't want it to end. Even though I was dramatically sick, having to pause between wardrobe changes to either sit down or vomit, I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else that day.

And while we're on the topic of wardrobe, let me tell you this: I can honestly say that I have never been more impressed with a new designer. And I'm picky. VERY picky. But Eunika Simmons' talent exceeds expectations, and I'm sure she'll be skyrocketed into a household name very shortly.

The only negative thing that I can say about the shoot was that there was a kitten on set. Not that I hate animals, or anything - I just spent the entire shoot trying not to pick up Tango the kitten and take him home with me.

01.10.13Here Goes Nothing

I'm a starving artist. It's kind of a well-known fact.
To try and supplement more income, I've decided to cash in on my second passion: looking fabulous.


It's called Fashion on the Cheep, and it's all about frugal fashion for chic chicks.
Alliteration is fun.

I'm still getting the whole thing together, so no posts yet, BUT once everything is under control, be prepared to fall in love with clothes without making your bank account cry.

12.25.12Acting Reel - Now LIVE!

Hello, all!

Not only have I uploaded my demo reel to YouTube (finally), but you can also find it in the "Pictures/Video" section of this site.

So go ahead. Judge me. See if I care :-P

12.13.12New York Fashion Shows

This Saturday, December 15th, Genny will be walking in New York Fashion Shows Premiere Event at 8pm. The show will feature segments including evening wear by Sherri Hill, lingerie by Bradelis, and swimwear by Angela Martini.